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You’re Such A Caricature…

Caricature Proposal at Navy Pier in Chicago

When Nyle contacted us and shared his proposal idea, we were ecstatic!  We hadn’t had the opportunity to capture a caricature proposal yet and we thought it was such a clever idea!  For a month we stayed in contact with Nyle as he shared the timeline and the events that would take place.  He knew that once he and Molly arrived from Minnesota that there would be a short window where they needed to travel from the Intercontinental Hotel where they were staying, to Navy Pier where the proposal would take place.  Quick on his feet, Nyle came up with the excuse that they would be meeting some of his Chicago friends, Corlis and Megan.  The ruse was that we would be at Navy Pier doing some commercial work for Faces in Focus (the caricature artist company) and that we would go out to dinner afterwards.  While they were waiting, Nyle and Molly would have their caricature drawn.  After some fabulous acting by Nyle and yours truly, ;), Molly fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  You should have seen the look on Molly’s face when she found out that we weren’t old friends of Nyle’s….priceless.  Nothing like a good lie to start off your marriage :D  haha.  It was all in good fun and we had a great laugh afterwards.  The time we spent with Nyle and Molly was truly amazing, and we loved every second of getting to know them.  Check out their awesome Photo Video Fusion Film and a sample of our favorite images from this beautiful destination surprise proposal.

caricature proposal artist Faces in Focus
caricature proposal
woman sees caricature proposal for first time
she is speachless
man proposes on bended knee
crystal gardens fashion pose
navy pier fashion pose
woman shows off engagement ring at navy pier after proposal
couple smiling after proposal by caricature drawing


Photographers: Gray Photography Chicago

Caricature Artists: Faces in Focus Chicago

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