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Livin’ Our Love Song | Andrew + Christin

Destination Proposal Photography in Chicago

Andrew is a super smart guy :D  When he decided to pop the question to the love of his life, Christin, he contacted us to capture it.  We LOVE his enthusiasm!  Andrew had the entire proposal planned out, with one hitch.  He wasn’t familiar with the Chicago area.  He wanted someone easy to find, that wasn’t too far off the beaten path.  Corlis and Megan to the rescue!  We worked with Andrew to figure out an easy to find location that was as private as you can get in the city.  Unfortunately, the location that we had picked was closed :(  Blast you Art Institute of Chicago!  LOL.  Not to worry, the proposal went off without a hitch as we quickly switched to Lurie Gardens at Millennium Park.  We had a blast exploring the park and Michigan Avenue!  Check out their Photo Video Fusion Film and some of our favorite pictures from this beautiful proposal!

couple walking in lurie gardens
man on bended knee proposing in millennium park
woman saying yes to marriage proposal in chicago
woman realizes that her proposal is being photographed
romantic proposal picture on bp pedestrian bridge in millennium park
lens flare in beautiful picture of couple that just got engaged
millennium park proposal pictures
fun proposal picture of woman jumping onto the back of her loving man.
proposal image on the steps of the art institute of Chicago
vintage picture of couple kissing in the middle of Congress parkway in Chicago

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