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Patrick Haley Mansion Wedding | Tim + Sherry

Tim + Sherry’s Patrick Haley Mansion Wedding Photography & Video

November 17th, 2013 was a memorable day in that it was Tim and Sherry’s wedding day…but also, part of the midwest was devastated by multiple tornadoes.  Usually, I don’t go too much into any part of the day that doesn’t involve the wedding, but I assure you, this is part of their wedding day!  I woke up that morning to the headlines stating “Expect Tornadoes.”  I thought to myself, “We better get to the Patrick Haley Mansion to beat this storm!”  We were scheduled to start photographing the wedding at 1:30 and the storm was supposed to come through around 12:00.  We like to give ourselves plenty of time to get from our home to any wedding location as to not get stuck by traffic, trains, acts of God, etc.  So at this point, I knew we would be leaving our house directly when we were supposed to get hit by this supposed tornado.  I convinced Corlis to get us there early.  Sure enough, we pulled up to the mansion, walked in, said hi to Jan and explained why we were so early, and went straight to the basement!  May I add, the chef was so kind as to serve us dessert as we waited out the storm in the basement of the Patrick Haley Mansion.  ;)  The sirens started going off and we found that indeed, a tornado had passed through in the area of our hometown.  Thank God we were where we needed to be and prayed that Tim, Sherry, and the rest of the wedding party would get to the mansion to continue on with this beautiful wedding day, despite the weather!


Tim and Sherry and their party as well as all of their guests attended the wedding and it turned out perfect.  Sherry looked stunning and Tim…not so bad himself ;), plus he had a sweet pocket watch!  Tim and Sherry had their ceremony inside the mansion as well as their reception.  Had the grounds not been soaked and swirled around from the storm, it would have been warm enough to have the ceremony outside!  Sherry accented her wedding with purple and earthly decor, gifting her guests with a new tree. :)  So clever.  We hope you enjoy Tim and Sherry’s wedding pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them and being a part of their day.

images of the exterior of patrick haley mansion in joliet

I love these exterior pictures of the Patrick Haley Mansion.  The mansion is so gorgeous and these pictures really document it’s beauty!

groom getting dress in bridal suite at patrick haley mansion

phone image of weather and bridesmaids in mirror

You can see on Sherry’s bridesmaid’s phone that the weather wasn’t sure if it wanted to cooperate that day!

picture of bride

One of our favorite things about the Patrick Haley Mansion is all the victorian and vintage furniture all over the place!  You can put a garbage can on this Victorian Chaise and it would look stunning!  But since we used Sherry’s bridal bouquet, we can see that is beautiful too. ;)

photographs of bride

I laughed when Sherry brought her dress out for us to document.  I knew the day I met her that her dress would be exactly like that.  Timeless, lace, and perfect.  

pictures of bride getting ready for the ceremony

I wish everyone could have experienced Sherry’s joy the moments before the ceremony.  

pictures of groom waiting for bride

image of bride coming down the aisle to her groom

I just can’t say enough about Tim and Sherry.  I’ll say it a million times.  This is the best part of our job.  Being a part of the unspeakable love between two people.  I have goosebumps thinking about it!  Look at them look at each other!  LOVE!

father of the bride giving her away at the alter

picture of bride and groom during ceremony

wide angle photo of wedding ceremony at patrick haley mansion

bride and groom exchanging rings and first kiss during wedding ceremony

first pictures as husband and wife at the patrick haley mansion wedding

Tim and Sherry’s first pictures as HUSBAND and WIFE!

picture of bride and groom on the front porch of the patrick haley mansion at night

I love Tim and Sherry’s wedding pictures from their photo walk.  They turned out so good.  Good job, Honey!  Of course, it’s not hard to capture the emotion between these two!

bride and groom

gorgeous editorial photograph of bride and groom at the patrick haley mansion

stunning high fashion black and white image of bride and groom on victorian couch

This black and white photo of them on this vintage couch is my absolute favorite from the whole wedding!  Sherry nailed it!  I love love love this picture!

beautiful picture outside under the pergola at night at the patrick haley mansion

bride and groom

bride and groom watch bag pipers

This photo sequence melts my heart.  Sherry and her grandma are excitedly watching the Bag Pipers of Chicago as Tim looks at his bride.  So sweet.

wedding bag pipes at patrick haley mansion

This one is special for Tim.  Remember that sweet pocket watch I told you about….

Tim and Sherry will forever be a very special couple to us.  We loved being able to photograph their wedding and we wish them a lifetime of happiness.  Thank you both so much for including us on your day.  It was a perfect wedding day!

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